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Quality policy


The Quality Policy is the means that leads our organization towards the constant improvement of our performances. For the achievement of the company Quality, we take into consideration:

  • The expectations and requests of our customers, providing a suitable quality standard of products and services.
  • The continuous compliance to the requirements of the Quality management system.
  • The expectations of the community and in general of all the stakeholders, while respecting moral and ethical values;
  • Ensure operating results allowing company investments or organizational changes aimed at increasing efficiency, optimize costs and improve market competitiveness.

  • The Management’s approach aims to create an environment in which all the parties involved, in particular the personnel at the various organizational levels, are fully satisfied of their expectations and contribute together to the improvement of Comag Rho S.r.l. and the efficiency of its quality management system. Our mission and commitment to “Continue the tradition of Comag Rho S.r.l. of manufacturing quality products”, defines the Quality Policy Statement.


    • Our key policy is to provide customers with competitive and defect-free products and services, in compliance with contractual commitments.
    • The Management’s policy is to identify the customer’s needs and fulfill their expectations, complying with their requirements and the applicable binding ones.
    • The Management’s responsibility is to implement risk management by defining methods, responsibilities and criteria for periodic reviews of potential risks.
    • The Management’s responsibility is to ensure that all business units achieve the set quality goals of performance, safety and reliability.
    • The Management’s responsibility is to define and document the quality policy and its goals and to ensure that it is understood and implemented on all organizational levels.

    • In order to implement the policy and achieve the set quality goals, the Management defines roles, authorities, responsibilities and mutual relationships of all the personnel who lead, perform and verify the activities affecting the quality, including the risk management process.
      The company mission is to ensure that the quality level of products and services is constantly competitive worldwide; this is achieved by monitoring market changes and the consequent re-orientation of the quality goals. The Management’s responsibility is to ensure the availability of resources for the continuous quality improvement of products and services; on this purpose, the quality indicators are constantly monitored, and new targets are annually set for a continuous improvement.
      For the consistency of what above stated and with the intention of pursuing the corporate well-being, the Management is committed to:
      • comply with the binding requirements.
      • abide by the duties towards the environment;
      • implement risk management;
      • closely monitor the compliance with safety requirements;
      • promote the spread of the “Quality policy statement” to all the organization’s levels, to strictly observe its content and to ensure proper internal communication channels about the efficiency of the quality management system;
      • periodically review the content of this policy, at least on each reassessment of the quality management system to ascertain its current suitability and, if necessary, to adjust it to the new context.

      • Quality standards are periodically identified, they are measurable and consistent with the quality policy and more in general with the corporate policy. The above-mentioned objectives assigned to the managers and employees involved are planned both for the resources needed to achieve them and for the planned review dates.

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