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The sectors we cover

Stainless steel manifolds for water meters – One-sided and double-sided modular manifolds – Cast iron pipe clamps – Sleeve PE pipe clamps – Extension spindles and PE outer protection

Linear manifolds for gas meters – Manifolds shaped to fit gas meters recesses – TEE for pipe 6 and 7, BP type – TEE for pipe 4, MP type – Gas pipe TEE transition acc/PE

Carbon steel and AISI 304/316 stainless steel manifolds and connection systems for fire pump sets and pressurisation systems

Flanged Stainless steel manifolds for sprinkler systems for agriculture – Stainless steel manifolds for gardens and residential sprinkler systems – Custom made fittings for connections

Stainless steel special pieces for connections with firemen water nozzles – Stainless steel manifolds for fire prevention networks

Custom-made stainless steel product line for purifiers and water treatment systems

Coplanar stainless-steel distribution manifolds with threaded outlets for thermal plants

Components, fittings and connections in coated steel and stainless steel for machines and industrial equipment

Special steel and stainless steel AISI 304/316 works created on customer’s specifications